Don Yetman
Your Neighborhood Voice !
An election can be a costly endeavour , while I am trying to keep costs to a minimum, monetary help would be greatly appreciated.

Municipal election rules allow the following:
Individuals can donate up to $1200.00 per candidate to a maximum of $5000.00 in total for all candidates.

There is a Contribution Rebate Program that supplies donors with a rebate on donations made to candidates. 
Any donation of $25.01 to $100.00 eligible for a 50% rebate 

For a $100.00 donation, the rebate is $50.00.
For a $200.00 donation, the rebate is $75.00 ( $75.00 is the maximum rebate).

Candidates are required to issue Receipts for all donations, and submit financial records at the end of the campaign.

No Corporations, Associations or Unions are permitted to donate to a candidate

If you wish to donate to my campaign , please email me at  donyetman2018@outlook.com and I will gratefully get in touch with you.