Don Yetman
Your Neighborhood Voice !
1. Maintain the high level of response to Constituent issues that Bob Monette provided during his tenure. Provide response-time standards to citizens that raise issues to my office. 
2. Revitalize St. Joseph Blvd. St. Jo is not presently a Community ”go to” location in Orleans , we need to make it a location where residents can go for a leisurely walk or bike ride, perhaps have a coffee and do some shopping, right now you can’t do that now. 

3. LRT phase 2 plans are now in place. We have to ensure that detailed LRT Phase 2 construction schedules are communicated to Orleans residents. 

4. Plan for the Update /renewal of Bob Macquarie Orleans Rec Center, it’s starting to show it’s age. 

5. Safety has lately become anissue in Orleans , working with Police , Community groups and neighbours , develop strategies to address the problem . 

6. Effective and consistent Zoning Planning. Zoning plans that are developed with Resident input, and that are updated on a regular basis to reflect community changes