Don Yetman
Your neighbourhood voice!

1.Ensure the LRT is efficiently operated to prompt reduced fares. Enhanced usage will depend on “convenience of use”, and cost of individual and monthly passes. 

2.Control the expansion of Safe Injection Sites in residential neighbourhood.

3.Street safety is a growing concern in all major Canadian cities.  While there is a need for the “traditional” responses , we must be looking at other alternatives

4.Zoning plans are developed to provide Developers and Citizens a guideline on what the development rules and plans are for a particular neighbourhood. 

5.Ensure housing developers’ development approvals incorporate Inclusionary Housing concepts in each development. 

6.Insist upon conditions that support a defined Return on Investment to the City for any grants/concessions to Sport Franchises.

7.Review of funding to Special Interest groups that do not enhance Community life.

8.Improve the decision lifecycle for Permits and Development requests. 

9.Enhance / Broaden FREE public Wi-Fi.